2023-2024 School Hours

Welcome to Dave McNeilly!

Parent(s) &/or Guardian(s),

We welcome you to our school community and will support your child(ren) through their elementary school years. 

Be sure to note our school hours.  Lunch begins at 11:24am.  Should you be dropping lunch off to your child please ensure it is delivered by 11:15am. 

Please take a moment and check out the many opportunities available to your child during their years at Dave McNeilly.  From September to June there are a variety of in school and extra-curricular activities that students will have the opportunity to participate in.  These opportunities will be announced to students in their classroom, via our daily announcements and through our weekly school newsletter, the Dave McNeilly Times.

We also invite you, the parents & guardians of our students, to get involved.  Whether through school activities, in class volunteer, field trips, hot lunch and more, there is something for all of our families!

Please ensure that you are connected to our school by:

  • Bookmarking our school website and calendar.
  • Following us on social media - Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
  • Get involved in our School Council and Fundraising Society.

Stay tuned to the start of the school year as more information will be provided for you to get involved.