What is PACE Academy?

Focusing on students unique strengths, teachers will facilitate a program of studies that allows for coverage of curricular outcomes in a dynamic and interactive environment.

What is the goal of PACE Academy?

To develop academic skills in a challenging learning environment.

Who is PACE Academy ideally for?

  • Grades 4, 5 or 6
  • Work independently
  • Excited about learning
  • Looking for a challenge
  • Performing above grade level
  • Seeking to expand their academic skills in a challenging learning environment

Some features of PACE Academy...

  • Interest driven Project Based Learning
  • Technology infused instruction
  • Debate & public speaking
  • Enhanced academic study in all core subjects
  • Complimentary courses
  • A multitude of leadership opportunities
  • Multiple guest speakers
  • Involvement in School Activities
  • Field Trips
  • Visiting Experts
  • and more

Application Process

  • Register your child with Dave McNeilly Public School
  • Complete the PACE Application Form
  • Complete the parent questionnaire
  • Teacher recommendation (to be obtain by our LAC from the previous school)
  • WIAT assessment completed by an appointed assessor
  • School personnel will contact you regarding the status of your child's application