Staff Directory

Staff Directory


Photo of David Parsons

David Parsons


Photo of Diane Rizzuto

Diane Rizzuto

Vice Principal

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Melita Ellsworth

Mrs. Melita Ellsworth

Senior Administrative Assistant

placeholder image for Sara Keelan

Mrs. Sara Keelan

Administrative Assistant

placeholder image for Lilet Zeiss

Mrs. Lilet Zeiss

Administrative Assistant & Library Assistant


Photo of Karina Webb

Karina Webb


Teachers - Elementary

Photo of Joanne Alyward

Joanne Alyward


Photo of Rosemary Brophy

Rosemary Brophy

Grade 3

Photo of Lindsay Burke

Lindsay Burke


Photo of Paige Esler

Paige Esler


Photo of Amanda Foort

Amanda Foort

Grade 6

Photo of Verena Gillam

Verena Gillam

Grade 5

Photo of Jolene Gray

Jolene Gray

Grade 1

Photo of Stephanie Jenniex

Stephanie Jenniex

Grade 2

Photo of Megan Keeping

Megan Keeping

Grade 5

Photo of Kim Klath

Kim Klath

Learning Assistant Teacher

Photo of Jennifer Lush

Jennifer Lush

Grade 2

Photo of Chelsea Myles

Chelsea Myles

Grade 4

Photo of Jackie Norman

Jackie Norman

Grade 1/2

Photo of Kayla Park

Kayla Park

Grade 1

Photo of Anu Sandha

Anu Sandha

Grade 3

Photo of Paige Wilson

Paige Wilson


Photo of Abby Yachimec-Peraino

Abby Yachimec-Peraino

Grade 4

Educational Assistants

Photo of Debbie Budgell

Debbie Budgell

Division 1

Photo of Kelly Butt

Kelly Butt

Early Learning

Photo of Alicia Newman

Alicia Newman

Early Learning

Photo of Radhika Shukla

Radhika Shukla

Early Learning

Photo of Wanda Wang

Wanda Wang

Early Learning

Photo of Larissa Warford

Larissa Warford

Division 1

Photo of Heather Wiseman

Heather Wiseman

Division 1 & 2


placeholder image for Lesvia McPherson

Lesvia McPherson

Head Custodian

placeholder image for Cynthia Paterson

Cynthia Paterson

Day Custodian